Waterproof W1 7mm Front-Zip Wetsuit
Waterproof W1 7mm Front-Zip Wetsuit
Waterproof W1 7mm Front-Zip Wetsuit
Waterproof W1 7mm Front-Zip Wetsuit

Waterproof W1 7mm Front-Zip Wetsuit

Despatch in 6-10 Days
Taking on the challenge to create a front zip, fully-functional, innovative suit with enough technical features to set it apart from all its competitors – the Waterproof R&D staff welcomed the chance to create the impossible.

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Waterproof W1 7mm Award-Winning Front-Zip Wetsuit

With its first appearance on the international stage, this technically advanced suit was awarded one of the most prestigious design awards in the world: the Red Dot Design Award. The W1, with its unsurpassed quality, unique functionality and ergonomic design, impressed the judges enough to grant it the “Best of the Best” award in the Product Design category. 

Product features:

  • 3D kneepads – 3D moulded vulcanized rubber kneepads. Note the unique design that enables unrestricted leg movements via the “hinge effect”.
  • 3D sculpted suit – With pre-bent arms and legs for maximum anatomical fit.
  • A seat that grips – Polyurethane embossing in the back provides a non-slip grip and integrated abrasion protection.
  • Computer strap anchor – To prevent the computer from slipping off your arm when gloves are removed or suit is compressed. The anti-slip surface makes the computer stay in place.
  • Double seals – Generous double seals made from glide skin neoprene with zipper at arms and legs. YKK #10 Vislon zipper features a TA slider with an anti-slip designed ZipGrip.
  • Embossed elbow – Embossed elbow protection with Toughtex abrasion resistance.
  • Form moulded hook and loop tabs – Quality is in all the details. Moulded TPU teeth stick only to the assigned loop part.
  • Gender-specific styling – Provides comfortable lift and support for the female diver.
  • High visibility – Reflective logo on the back of the neck.
  • Multi Optional Platform – A unique gadget that holds a compass as a standard.
  • Neck tab holder – The neck tab attaches to the knob holder to keep the tab in place in surface mode.
  • Side zipper – The opening is positioned at the side of the neck to enhance comfort and flexibility for the neck.
  • Spine pad – 11mm thick and contoured design SpinePad features additional protection to kidney and spine areas. Inside has a place for personal marking of the suit.
  • WaterDam – Finally a working concept for hindering the water streaming down your neck and spine when moving your head. This WaterDam concept is unique for Waterproof.
  • Wave flex panels – In hollow of arms and legs provides an easier movement.
  • Zipper puller – Very good grip, with or without gloves, to open and close the YKK #10 zipper. The flat design makes it disappear when you don’t use it.
  • Zipper seal – Open cell and closed cell neoprene on opposite sides of the zipper for an ultimate seal.
Materials and care:
  • Rinse your suit after each dive with fresh water, taking particular care to remove sand and salt from the zipper. Wash your suit occasionally with mild soap. Other cleaning products may only be used if authorised by Waterproof.
  • When changing, avoid standing on the wetsuit and avoid sharp objects. Dry your suit in the open shade on a hanger, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not store your suit for extended periods hanging on narrow hangers, as the suit material may become stressed where it passes over the hanger. Use extra wide hangers specially designed for wetsuit storage (WP Hanger Link). Suits should never be stored folded, as it may create permanent creases.
  • Store the suit away from sources of heat and away from sources of UV radiation (mainly sunlight), as both of these may degrade the materials more rapidly.

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