AquaLung Aquilon Flex Snorkel
AquaLung Aquilon Flex Snorkel
AquaLung Aquilon Flex Snorkel
AquaLung Aquilon Flex Snorkel
AquaLung Aquilon Flex Snorkel
AquaLung Aquilon Flex Snorkel

AquaLung Aquilon Flex Snorkel

Despatch in 6-10 Days

The Aqua Lung Aquilon Flex is a well-made, semi-dry snorkel. Designed to stop you getting a mouth full of seawater the Aquilon features a splash guard, purge valve and Air deflector. The Splash Guard on the top deflects and prevents water splashing in as you swim at the surface.



AquaLung Aquilon Flex Snorkel In 3 Different Color Combinations

  • The design guarantees a fast purge operation.
  • The twin elliptical purges help to clear on swim and vertical position.
  • Bi-material corrugate, the mouthpiece drops away when not used.
  • D-shapped barrel: the flat face is against the head for a better comfort.
  • Splash Guard. - The splash guard at the peak of the air tube deflects water away from the tube when you’re swimming at the surface. A down facing outlet on the front of the guard allows any water that gets in through the air vent to escape.
  • Air Deflector - The built-in Air Deflector deflects air away from a water trap at the bottom of the mouthpiece. This ensures you have a clean, gargle-free supply of air while the purge valve rapidly clears any liquid the water trap has captured.
  • Easy To Clear. - When you exhale, the purge valve positioned below the mouthpiece expels any water that slips into the system. Dual purge valves allow you to clear the snorkel even if your head is facing down or in a vertical position
  • Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece. - Aqua lung have used the same Comfobite™ mouthpiece seen on their high end regulators for a comfortable snorkel. It features a silicone bridge that sits on the palate of your mouth. This provides support for the mouthpiece to ensure a comfortable, drag-free fit that significantly reduces jaw fatigue.
  • Flexible Hose Joint - The lower portion of the snorkel tube is corrugated and flexible. The tube maintains its shape for maximum airflow yet provides enough flex so you can position the mouthpiece to get the fit right.
  • Rigid Upper-Tube - Get maximum airflow through the rigid upper air tube for clear, comfortable breathing.
  • D-Shape Tube - Unlike cylindrical tubes, the D shape tube of the Aquilon Flex allows it to sit more comfortably against your mask or face.
  • Adjustable Mask Clip - Easily attach the Aquilon snorkel to your mask with its adjustable fix clip.

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