Apeks XL4+ Regulator
Apeks XL4+ Regulator
Apeks XL4+ Regulator
Apeks XL4+ Regulator

Apeks XL4+ Regulator

Despatch in 6-10 Days
Apeks XL4 + is a compact, lightweight diving machine suitable for all environments, including cold water areas. Its design and light weight help reduce jaw fatigue during long dives. XL4 + is also an ideal stage machine, ideal for technical exploratory divers with lots of equipment.
Model (INT/DIN)

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Apeks XL4+ Regulator Int The Color White

  • Compact, machined first stage based on the Apeks DS4 platform tested by the expedition.
  • The breakthrough, innovative first-stage overlay and environmental membrane help to prevent the accumulation of ice, which can cause free flow of the first stage under extreme conditions. It also protects the first stage from mechanical damage.
  • The large-area membrane clamp of the heat exchanger helps to increase the gas temperature inside the first stage, resulting in better cold water efficiency.
  • The unique design of the over-balanced membrane - when the diver descends, the over-balancing function allows the medium-pressure gas in the hose to grow faster than the ambient temperature.
  • This results in excellent performance at depth.
    With 2 HP ports and 4MP ports.
2nd stage
  • The compact and lightweight second stage improves comfort and helps reduce jaw fatigue during long dives.
  • High performance pneumatically balanced mushroom valve with lever.
  • Large, inflatable, self-rinsing and controlled blast button.
  • Ergonomic Venturi lever is easy to use and locate.
  • The flexible nylon braided hose has better performance in cold water than a traditional rubber hose.
  • Standard metal hose connector for interchangeability.
  • The Comfo-Bite mouthpiece has a unique bridge that adapts to the upper palate and requires no bite to stay in place.
  • The reusable mouthpiece clamp makes it easy to change mouthpieces in the field.
  • Durable and elastic rubber exhaust tee provides excellent bubble removal.
  • UV inhibitors which help prevent discolouration of white materials.

* Set contains no hose


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