Apeks ATX Regulator + Octo
Apeks ATX Regulator + Octo
Apeks ATX Regulator + Octo
Apeks ATX Regulator + Octo

Apeks ATX Regulator + Octo

Despatch in 6-10 Days
Before the XTX range, the ATX models ruled the seas. The ATX is still available and offers a fully balanced first and second stage with chilled water performance (can be used in all temperatures including below 10°C).
Model (INT/DIN)

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Apeks ATX Set Wich Includes The Regulator & Octopus

Set includes:
  • 1st stage
  • 2nd stage
  • Octo
  • 2 Hoses
First Stage
DS4 First Stage The unique, overbalanced diaphragm design allows the mean gas pressure in the hose to rise more rapidly, so that as the diver descends, it rises faster than ambient pressure. This results in an outstanding depth performance. 1 high pressure port and four intermediate pressure ports are available. An externally sealed system keeps the main spring chamber dry, preventing ice from forming and dirt from entering. Available with DIN and Yoke connection.

Second Stage
The pneumatically balanced second stage allows for smooth and easy breathing. The large air shower on the ATX is easy to use even with thick gloves. The integrated venturi control offers an increase in performance at depth while avoiding unwanted freeflows on the surface. An extremely efficient exhaust valve improves the regulator's breathing performance. The Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece virtually eliminates jaw fatigue. A (patented) heat exchanger surrounding the valve mechanism disperses the cold generated by gas expansion while heat is drawn from the surrounding water. Offers a compact, integrated exhaust deflector.


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