ScubaPro regulator MK25 DIN EVO / S560 Nitrox
ScubaPro regulator MK25 DIN EVO / S560 Nitrox
ScubaPro regulator MK25 DIN EVO / S560 Nitrox
ScubaPro regulator MK25 DIN EVO / S560 Nitrox

ScubaPro regulator MK25 DIN EVO / S560 Nitrox

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ScubaPro Nitrox regulator with high performance yet simple to operate system, remarkably durable and reliable compatible.

The MK2 EVO/R195 system, MK25 EVO and R195 Octopus are also available in a dedicated Nitrox version. For simplicity and top reliability, they have been developed in compliance with the most stringent safety norms. A lighter techno-polymer barrel version of the S600 second stage, the S560 is air balanced with diver adjustable inhalation effort and VIVA. Guarantees effortless and smooth breathing in all conditions.

2. Stage S560
• Lightweight techno-polymer barrel
• Air balanced flow valve
• Diver’s adjustable inhalation effort
• Adjustable VIVA
• High flow exhaust valve
• Super Comfort High Flow Mouthpiece
1. Stage MK25 EVO
• XTIS (Extended Thermal Insulating System)
• Additional fins on machined body provide extra
thermal exchange
• Key insulation system components visible in blue
• Air balanced flow-through piston
• 2 HP ports
• 5 high flow ports

Owning a SCUBAPRO dedicated Nitrox regulator means you can safely dive using oxygen enriched air with over 21% and up to 100%
oxygen concentration at a maximum working pressure of 200bar, in full compliance with EU norms EN 13949:2004 & EN 144-3:2004 for breathing devices.
SCUBAPRO Nitrox dedicated first stages have specifically designed connections for Nitrox cylinder valves, which differ from the connections for standard compressed air cylinders. This ensures utmost safety and no risk contaminating Nitrox with potentially hazardous hydrocarbons or residues.
Our Nitrox systems only use approved and specific oxygen compatible components (HP seat, O-rings, washers and grease) required for high pressure oxygen systems for guaranteed safe diving.
SCUBAPRO Nitrox regulators are assembled in a dedicated environment with the required level of cleanliness for oxygen compatibility.
Nitrox regulator systems are easily identifiable with green color accents.
WARNING: if a Nitrox dedicated SCUBAPRO regulator has been used with standard compressed air it is then compulsory to perform a new maintenance and comply with the cleaning procedure specifically designed for the use of nitrox mixes and carried out by an Authorized SCUAPRO technician, before using them again with Nitrox.


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